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Costa Rica

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The world of aftercare is comprised of a myriad of agencies looking to support survivors of sexual abuse, trafficking, neglect and violence. When children are underage, they are generally under the care and oversight of national agencies both in public and private forms.

When children turn 18, the agency caring for them stops providing services, including room and board.

  • These adolescents lose connection with everyone who supported them in the past.

  • Most of these adolescents have no family contact, or support network when they exit.

  • They are not emotionally prepared to face the adversities of independent living.

  • The risk of homelessness, trafficking, and substance use is highly increased due to lack of resources and tools for success.

Aftercare International is thrilled to be launching their first transitional living program. Esperanza looks to provide shelter, safety and an opportunity through transitional housing and programs where they can further prepare for independent living that looks to increase each individual’s support system in the realm of mental health, vocational guidance, community and spiritual life. 

Support includes a case management approach that looks to increase each individual's support system in the realm of mental health, spiritual life and community.



  • To provide a continuum of care for adolescents who are in the protective system and need to transition into independent living.

  • to help them build skill sets required for success within a safe space (both emotionally and physically) to empower them.

The timeline consists of three stages within a 12 month program:

  • Discovery: development of life plan 

  • Implementation: take action

  • Graduation: achievement of independent living

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Apt Board.png

Esperanza Home - Costa Rica

  • Bedroom 1: Twin Bed Bunker (ensuite bathroom 1)

  • Bedroom 2: Twin Bed Bunker + 1 Twin 

  • Bedroom 3: Twin Bed Bunker + 1 Twin

  • Bathroom 2 

  • Living area: TV, Sofas, Coffee Table 

  • Kitchen: dinning table with 6 chairs, refrigerator, stove, convection oven, kettle, coffee maker

  • Office area with 3 terminal

Walking Down Empty Road


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