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Turning Interest Into Action

Given the many, profound needs of children survivors of sexual abuse and trafficking, service providers need access to protocols that can allow them to best assist these vulnerable populations in a manner that ensures thorough and conscientious attention to their needs. The existing information and research in the field includes literature which is often fragmented, lacks evidence-based practical experience and fails to offer comprehensive guidelines to providers.

Current research in the area of sexual trafficking for example, outlines survivors’ needs but does not address practice recommendations.  What the field of aftercare services for survivors of abuse now needs is to advance this emerging practice area by providing service guidelines based on rigorous measurement, review and synthesis of the current global practices.

To address this need, we look to identify and synthesize services recommended in the scientific academic literature, in government reports, and most importantly - by organizations currently working with trafficking survivors around the world in order to create a space to share best practices. 

Aftercare International will become an online global community that has access to guidelines, provides a space for collegiality amongst agencies and equips the next generation of service providers with a roadmap to best practices. Facilities within our network will receive operational support in the form of technology for agency management and when possible, capital investment support for selected reintegration projects.

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